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Mon Feb 21 08:58:03 EST 1994

In  <1994Feb16.110830.183 at batman>  rthorstr at batman.bmd.trw.com writes:
| GIF, JPEG, etc. site for plants?????
| ------------------------------------
| Can anyone tell me where I might find some gifs, jpegs, pcx, etc.
| files of plants?  I have access to a scanner, but I would like to
| save some time by using pictures that have already been scanned
| into some kind of electronic format.
| If you have some information that would be of help send a 
| message to:
|   Rod_Thorstrom at oz.bmd.trw.com
| Thanks
| Rod T.

If you have a Gopher client, you might want to connect to the 
Australian National Botanic Garden gopher server.  They have
a test collection of images available.

The server's address :    port 70
Path / menus:         ANBG Information Ssrvices
                      Test Images from the ANBG
Other servers are developing picture libraries, but yet 
I have not found any with extensive collections of plant
pictures publically available.

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