Entrez:Sequences ANSWER: NENTREZ

Mark Dz........... mark at otaku.demon.co.uk
Sun Feb 20 16:58:15 EST 1994

Gigabytes of hard disk space are still getting cheaper every year. If you have 
more than say 10 users wanting simultaneous access to Entrez, Medline etc have
a good look at the economics copying your CD ROM distribution disks to say a 
Novell File Server (which can run IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, Appletalk, IBM 3270 etc
protocols if required). It is just about the same cost as a multi-CD player 
juke box and an order of magnitude or more faster.  The one I helped to set up
has been running happily for over a year now.
 Mark Dz........... - Internet: mark at otaku.demon.co.uk - CI$: 100014,3615

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