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Here is the information about Astute and frequently asked questions:

Statistics Add-in for Microsoft Excel 4 and 5.
(c) 1993 DDU Software, The University of Leeds, UK. All rights reserved.

	Astute is a new statistics add-in that has been designed to run as
	a fully integrated part of Microsoft Excel 4.0 and 5.0.  This means
	that Astute is not only easy and simple to use it also has many
	powerful features that are normally only available with expensive
	"all singing and dancing" statistics packages.

	Astute provides sixteen commonly used parametric and non-parametric
	statistical tests together with a range of transform functions, and
	three ways of generating descriptive statistics depending on whether
	the data is analysed as a single, multiple or sequenced dataset.

	Experienced and inexperienced Excel users will find the statistical
	tests both quick and easy-to-use.  Two or three clicks with a mouse
	are all that is required to carry out a test.  The test results are
	then displayed on style sheets that can be customised to suit the
	needs of the user.  If required, these results can easily be
	exported in to another application and may also be embedded provided
	the application supports OLE.

How to obtain Astute
	An evaluation version of Astute (astute.zip) allowing 10 data points
	to be analysed is available via anonymous ftp from 
	ftp.cica.indiana.edu in the pub/pc/win3/uploads directory.  Unzip 
	the file and then run setup.exe from within Windows.

Ordering Astute
	Single-user copies of Astute are available at the special 
	introductory offer of 79.00 pounds sterling.  Please fill in the 
	order form accompanying the evaluation version of Astute, or contact 
	DDU Software.

Frequently asked questions about Astute

What do I need to run Astute ?
To use Astute you will require:
     Any IBM-compatible machine with an 80386 or higher
     Hard disk
     4MB RAM minimum
     Microsoft Windows 3.0 or later.
     Microsoft Excel version 4 or 5.

Is there a version of Astute for the Apple Macintosh ?
At present we are only shipping Astute for the Microsoft Windows
version of Excel.  However, we plan to develop a version for the
Apple Macintosh that should be available later in the year.

Which statistical tests are available in Astute ?
     Descriptive statistics
     McNemar test for the significance of changes
     Wilcoxon matched-pairs signed-ranks test
     Fisher exact probability test
     Chi-square test
     Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test
     Pearson correlation 
     Spearman rank correlation 
     Kendall rank correlation
     Linear regression
     Two sample t-test
     Paired t-test
     One-way analysis of variance
     Kruskal-Wallis one-way analysis of variance
     Two-way analysis of variance
     Friedman two-way of variance
     Transform commands such as log, z, reciprocal

We plan to add more statistical tests throughout the year.

Is there an educational discount available ?
Unfortunately we do not have an educational discount for single user
copies as part of the special introductory offer.  We expect to
increase the price in future but maintain the present price for
educational customers.  However, if you require multiple user copies,
either for a network or site licence, we will be pleased to discuss
the pricing structure according to your needs.

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