Mac-compatable flatbed scanners and software for 2-D analysis.

Mark E. Waugh mwaugh at crl.nmsu.edu
Fri Feb 18 12:43:51 EST 1994

Does anyone have any experience with Mac-compatable flatbed scanners
and software for scanning autoradiographs of 2-D gels? Our lab-net
includes PC's, Mac's and a remote-mounted Sun station, but the machine
we want to hang the scanner off of is a Mac. We have downloaded a 2-D
manipulation and analysis program from CERN (Melanie) which runs in the
Unix world and is accessable to the Macs through eXodus X-windows. The
problem now is finding a reasonably priced (<$2000) fairly high
resolution flatbed scanner with software that will allow thresholding
and will provide 256 levels of grayscale reproducibly. If anyone has
any experience with Mac scanners, especially in conjunction with
scanning autorads, please respond either in this news group or feel
free to send me e-mail at: 
                             mwaugh at crl.nmsu.edu
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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