Scatchard analysis: Rbinding

VAN BELZEN at PA1 belzen at pa1.fgg.eur.nl
Fri Feb 18 05:59:05 EST 1994

Hi netters,

I have uploaded the RBINDING (MS-DOS) program for Scatchard analysis of 
ligand-receptor binding (E.J.J. van Zoelen, Biochem. J. 262:549, 1989) to 


Rbindin.exe (note missing G) is a self-extracting archive file containing 
several programs and documentation.

An Atari ST version is also available. If there is any interest, contact 
me by e-mail.

Best regards, Nico

  Nico van Belzen, PhD       belzen at pa1.fgg.eur.nl
  Dept. of Pathology, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  P.O. box 1738  3000DR Rotterdam  The Netherlands
  phone +10-4087932/7935           fax +10-4366660

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