X windows Blast output Browser tool

John Powell jip at helix.nih.gov
Thu Feb 17 11:59:39 EST 1994

BoB beta6, the final beta version of a Blast output Browser is available
via FTP from milo.dcrt.nih.gov.  Distributions for the following architectures
are posted:

	Sun 4's running SunOS 4.1.x
        Hewlett Packard PA-RISC, HP/UX 9.x
        DECstations running Ultrix 4.3
        Convex C38 running ConvexOS 10.2 

The SUN distribution includes binaries for retrieving selected hits
from the NCBI network Entrez server.  All distributions include programs
to utilize the 'remote control' feature of Mosaic to retrieve selected 
entries from the NCBI WWW Entrez server.  Utilities to use EMBL WWW server
and local Entrez database will be included with the final release.

The Program requires X11 (compiled for R5, works with R4 with a few
caveats).  It is known not to work when displaying to certain
PC Xservers and a X-terminals. 

This tool will be most useful in an environment where a lot of Blast
processing is done (for example cDNA projects).  You can look at one 
or two results simultaneously (for example blastn and blastx). You can
immediately view alignments, selectively choose what to save/print, etc.
For those doing a limited amount of Blasting and using Mosaic, you should
check out Keith Robison's blast to HTML via perl -

We will post source and Version 1 release ASAP (week or so to finish up
documentation, copyright notices, maybe an SGI binary...)

To obtain:

On your machine, 'cd' to the directory where you want to install bob.

ftp milo.dcrt.nih.gov  // or: ftp
   Name: anonymous
   Password: [your email address]

ftp> cd /pub/bob/beta6
ftp> binary
ftp> get BoB_beta6_sun4.tar.Z  //  For SUN binaries
ftp> get BoB_beta6_hp_ux.tar.Z //  For HP binaries
ftp> get BoB_beta6_ultrix.tar.Z // For Decstation binaries
ftp> get BoB_beta6_convex.tar.Z // For Convex binaries
ftp> quit

zcat BoB_beta6_sun4.tar.Z | tar xf - 
 (or the distribution for you architecture)


(Now the program is run by just invoking the script 'bob'.)

Check out the README which is included for a brief discription.

	John Powell 			phone: (301) 496-2963
	Building 12A, Room 2033		FAX: (301) 402-2867
	National Institutes of Health
	Bethesda, MD 20892		Internet: jip at helix.nih.gov

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