MEGA: List of software bugs

Sudhir Kumar IMEG at psuvm.psu.edu
Tue Feb 15 16:10:00 EST 1994

Sudhir Kumar
Author, MEGA: Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis

Currently Shipping version:  Version 1.02

Dear Users:
  Following is a list of BUGS reported and fixed in MEGA version 1.0,
  1.01, and 1.02.  If you have a version prior to 1.02, and you are
  affected by one of the following bugs, please send us your master
  MEGA diskette. We will send you the updated version of MEGA.

  Otherwise, please wait until summer, 1994.  We plan to send MEGA
  version 1.1 to all existing users.  It will include many enhancements.

Description of the Bug

Bugs fixed in version 1.02
   1.  UPGMA tree reconstruction bug fixed.

Bugs fixed in version 1.01

   1. Check for standard error equal to 0 in standard error test.
   2. Correction in the placement of "codon position" label in std. error test.
   3. Correction in the spelling of statistics in statistics box.
   4. If gaps were included in the data, MEGA produced incorrect estimate
        of number of steps for Maximum Parsimony. This error is corrected.
   5. Display of % search completed in Maximum Parsimony is corrected.
   6. PAUP format is relabelled as NEXUS format in Data Export window.

Bug report for version 1.0:

   Text file editor:
      The hot-keys for Cut (Shift+Del), Copy (Ctrl+Ins),
      Paste (Shift+Ins), and Clear (Ctrl+Del) commands
      available in the File|Edit menu do not seem to work
      sometimes.  An alternate set of conventional Ctrl+K
      binding hot-keys is always available for these commands.

           Command            Hot-key
           File|Edit|Paste    Ctrl+K, C
           File|Edit|Copy     Ctrl+K, K
           File|Edit|Cut      Ctrl+K, Y

   Data display:
      The translate command in Data|Data Presentation window
      crashes the computer system sometimes.

   RAM memory exhausted:
      In addition to the description in the manaul, this bug
      can also appear even if there is enough memory for an
      operation.  In this case, MEGA is experiencing a conflict
      with some memory resident program.  Please try to remove
      these memory resident programs and check if MEGA runs.

Future enhancements:

   New tree-printing functions:
      Support for PostScript vector format outputs to printers
           and text files.
      PCX graphics output for editing in other graphics editors.
      Support for more printers.

      Choice line width for drawing.
      Choice of page margins.
      Choice of more fonts.

   Include support for the extended and expanded memories.

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