primer on automatic sequence comparison ?

lefevre at ACFcluster.NYU.EDU lefevre at ACFcluster.NYU.EDU
Sun Feb 13 14:25:24 EST 1994

A collegue of mine who is rather unfamiliar with both computers and the net
would like to experiment with (DOS) software for automatic sequence compari-
son (of both DNA and proteins). Now, when you read this newsgroup, it looks
like this is already a mature field, with many programs addressing diverse
needs and running on different platforms. 

So my question is : is there anywhere an introductory document whith pointers
to further references and actual software (either free or commercial) which
he could look up to start the ball rolling ?

Many thanks beforehand

Olivier Lefevre, Dept. of Molecular immunology, Hospital for Joint Diseases,
NYU Medical School, NYC

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