C++, can we develop collaborative software tools?

Jeffrey J Barbose barbose at netcom.com
Sun Feb 13 12:57:25 EST 1994

In article <2jjqin$gu2 at overload.lbl.gov> Bradley K. Sherman,
bks at s27w007.pswfs.gov writes:
>Almost by definition the most vital data collected
>in a research environment will not be in a
>standard format.  The research is often intended

You're assuming that data will continue to be stored in such static 
formats as "tab-delimited".

>to discover the very taxonomy that would allow the
>programmer to neatly define objects in the domain
>of the program.

Collaborative computing among biologists doesn't even happen yet in cases 
where the data formats ARE fairly static and have been well defined.

And you've got to start somewhere, otherwise your search for the best 
taxonomy becomes a catch-22.


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