C++, can we develop collaborative software tools?

Jeffrey J Barbose barbose at netcom.com
Fri Feb 11 20:54:07 EST 1994

Subject: Re: C++, can we develop collaborative software tools?
From: Dave Love, d.love at dl.ac.uk
Date: 10 Feb 1994 20:03:27 GMT
In article <D.LOVE.94Feb10200327 at dlpx1.dl.ac.uk> Dave Love,
d.love at dl.ac.uk writes:
>>>>>> "Jeffrey" == Jeffrey J Barbose <barbose at netcom.com> writes:
> Jeffrey> If we're going to do collaborative work, two things are needed:
> Jeffrey> 1) A colloborative infrastructure that is a system service.
> Jeffrey> Apple's AOCE is one example.
> Jeffrey> 2) An object system that is independent of the platform's
> Jeffrey> and the development system's binaries, and can work over
> Jeffrey> networks of any kind (from LocalTalk workgroups to internet
> Jeffrey> TCP/IP WANs).  Examples of this are IBM's SOMobjects, the
> Jeffrey> OpenDoc standard, and Sun's DOE.  Think OMG.  Think CORBA.
>IMHO the barriers to collaborative software development are
>socio/political rather than technical.  (There is no silver bullet.)
>Why is an `object system' of this kind vital?

Whatever the barriers may be, either socio-political as you say, all the 
way down to big-endian vs little-endian byte-ordering on the data, 
there's a problem to be solved, the complexity of which is not manageable 
without benefit of object technology.

At this point, it's easier to rise above such barriers rather than 
knocking them all down.

The analogy is this:  rising above barriers means using technology that 
doesn't care about the underlying implementations...such as SOMObjects, 
OpenDoc and CORBA/OMG.

Attempts to knock down existing barriers would be, say, to insist that 
everyone use DOS or UNIX.

And I'll tell ya...I think the barriers need to be overcome, but I sure 
as h*ll am NOT going to drop the latest-and-greatest that Macintosh or 
any other platform has to offer just so I can diddle text files for the 
purposes of exchanging data.

More objectively put:  we can have our cake and eat it too.


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