gel documentation and analysis systems

Number 6 stevelee at post.its.mcw.edu
Fri Feb 11 20:23:19 EST 1994

	my current place of employment is looking into gel doc and 
	analysis equipment to be used for several tests under development
	as well as systems already online.  

	this morning, we had a demo from a company called "UVP"  the system
	was the GDS7500.  the system looked pretty impressive, and the 
	price was competitive (read:  cheaper than anybody else's that
	we've looked into - e.g., stratagene's 'eagle eye' system).  

	has anyone else had a chance to look at/purchase/use the GDS7500?
	if so, how well does it stack up to the demonstration?  if anyone
	has experience with other gel doc/analysis systems, feedback on them
	would be appreciated as well.  

reaching for god, and finding self.
	ayn rand "the fountainhead"

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