Ideal data acquisition system

Rob Sargent rob at fosters.med.utah.edu
Fri Feb 11 18:39:05 EST 1994

In article <CKvos2.n37 at usenet.ucs.indiana.edu> drepasky at bio.indiana.edu (Dick Repasky) writes:

   We are looking for the ideal data acquisition system for use with
   a Newton-like machine.  

   Our vision is of a piece of software that is like a data base manager or
   a spread sheet in which each field (column) can be associated with a particular
   device from which data will be collected.  As the user enters data, the 
   device from which the data are gathered is activated, and once a datum is
   received, the field is filled and the program moves on to the next field.

   For example, we are interested in measuring body mass and other morphological
   features of lizards using an electronic scale and electronic calipers.  The
   lizards are housed in bar-coded boxes.  What we would like to be able to do
   when entering data is have the bar-code reader activated, shoot it at the
   box, then have the scale activated and push a weigh button to record the
   weight; activate the calipers for a series of measurements; and finally
   write some notes using the pen.

   Actually, we have a number of applications in mind that differ in the
   types of data, devices and order in which data would be collected.

   Does anyone know of software with these capabilities?  If not, I think that 
   there is a market for it.

   Dick Repasky

For about $3000 you can get a combo handheld-386/laser-barcode-reader
from Intermec that communicates via radio to the rest of the
world. How programmable are you measuring devices. One can tie them
all to some database server. "We have the technology..."


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