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>Has anyone had problems getting Entrez CD-ROMs? 

Ooooooooo YES !!!

In august 1993, my institution sent a check ($ 83.29) to GPO. As it 
happens, the bank did not provide all the information, i.e. the purpose of 
the check was not indicated. So GPO sent me a letter, asking for what I 

They received the check on august 13, 1993 ..... and I received their 
letter on 08 february 1994 !!!! Meanwhile, the price for Entrez has 
increased, so I'm waiting for some another funny thing.

Since I got no answer from GPO, I sent them another order, this time with 
my credit card number. This was january 19, 1994. Still nothing ...

Well, bureaucracy is the same everywhere. The sad thing is that this 
marvelous product from NCBI is corrupted by GPO. 

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