C++, can we develop collaborative software tools?

Larry Marshall lmarshal at pnfi.forestry.ca
Thu Feb 10 15:32:35 EST 1994

In <D.LOVE.94Feb10200327 at dlpx1.dl.ac.uk> d.love at dl.ac.uk (Dave Love) writes:

>IMHO the barriers to collaborative software development are
>socio/political rather than technical.  (There is no silver bullet.)
>Why is an `object system' of this kind vital?

For the same reason that translators are handy in international politics.
Many of the "socio/political" problems you mention are a result that
once preferences (for hardware, programming languages, etc) are made,
there is no way for technology developed under one set of choices
can talk to technology developed under another set of choices.  That's
what CORBA, for instance, is trying to solve when it comes to software
development using a variety of languages.

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