Relative merits of BLAST/FASTA?

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> Hi,
> Would anyone care to comment on the relative merits of BLAST and FASTA (and
> any other software) as alignment tools?

The contents page of the latest issue of BINARY was just given in
bionet.journals.contents and it contained the following article:

AU Rouch-D-A.  Brown-N-L.  Bleasby-A-J.
TI A Comparison of Seven Protein Database
   Search Programs
SO Binary-Comput-Micro.  1994 Feb.  6(1).  P 17-18.

As the authors are collegues I know that this includes both BLAST and FASTA
in the comparison, along with most of the other common search programs.

You can contact Duncan Rouch on E-mail as D.A.Rouch at bham.ac.uk

I should also note that BINARY is available online through gopher at:
courtesy of BIOLINE publications, as was announced today in bionet.announce:

>BINARY- Computing in microbiology now available on-line!
>The journal BINARY- Computing in microbiology, whose
>contents list appears regularly in the BIO-JRNL newsgroup, is
>now available in an electronic format, downloadable from the
>Base de Dados Tropical (BDT), Brazil.
>Abstracts and summaries of papers in BINARY, together with
>those of other journals, and contents lists and summaries of
>reports and newsletters, are all available free of charge from
>BDT. Readers may browse, using the menus or search at any
>level in the system.

Please note that I have no affiliation with Bioline Publications.
Isn't Bionet wonderful?
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