Lotus Agenda replacement??

Georg Hoermann schorsch at pz-oekosys.uni-kiel.d400.de
Thu Feb 10 18:11:15 EST 1994

In article <CKvFDC.D4o at phibred.com> Tracy A. Rood <roodt at phibred.com> writes:
>More importantly, we'd like to hear from people who used to use Lotus
>Agenda and have found a replacement that they like.  Scott uses a lot of
>the programming/interlinking capabilities of Agenda, and doesn't use it
>as a scheduler/daily planner.

Hi there,
Try Ecco from Arabesque, I am a happy user. It has strong interlinking 
capabilities, OLE support etc.

>Scott would prefer a DOS solution, but would be open to a Windows program.


Gruss Georg

Georg Hoermann, Ecosystem Research Center, Kiel University, Germany
schorsch at pz-oekosys.uni-kiel.d400.de, georg at geki.toppoint.de

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