C++, can we develop collaborative software tools?

Larry Marshall lmarshal at pnfi.forestry.ca
Thu Feb 10 08:31:31 EST 1994

In <2j5m8l$7re at mserv1.dl.ac.uk> ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk (Tony Travis) writes:
>: biological community thinks about how to develop communal, standard,
>: tools that can be freely interchanged and where one programmer can

>What you describe is precisely the design philosophy underlying Unix.

>Perhaps people using DOS/Windows/Mac environments would benefit from
>removing their blinkers and realising that this was the direction that

Uhmmm... the thing that UNIX suffers from is the lack of a standard
by which these tools have evolved.  UNIX developers understand this,
as do DOS and MAC developers.  It is the reason for the COSE initiative,
the CORBA standards committee, etc.  UNIX is great but one thing it
is not is consistent.

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