Krishna Iyer iyer at mipg.upenn.edu
Thu Feb 10 11:48:27 EST 1994

Hello Web Users:
We are pleased to announce the creation of a WWW (World Wide Web) server,
here at the Medical Image Processing Group, Department of Radiology,
University of Pennsylvania. This server has tons of information on 3DVIEWNIX,
a data-, machine-, and application-independent software system for the 
visualization and analysis of multidimensional images.
In order to access this information you should be running NCSA Mosaic,
which is freely FTPable from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
3DVIEWNIX Via Mosaic:
        Start Mosaic as :
        % Mosaic http://mipgsun.mipg.upenn.edu  (color)
        %Mosaic -mono http://mipgsun.mipg.upenn.edu (mono)
        If you think this is too much, then let Mosaic come up the usual way,
        and then select "Open URL" option under "File" in Mosaic. This will
        pop up a window where you should type : http://mipgsun.mipg.upenn.edu
        This will take you to our WWW server. From this point it is easy. Just
        click whatever selection you want and you should be able to access
        a lot of information on 3dviewnix.
        We are constantly upgrading the information available from our WWW
        server, so don't be surprised if some information is temporarily not
        available. The 3DVIEWNIX LIBRARY REFERENCE MANUAL is now available
        on line. If you have any questions about Mosaic or 3dviewnix via
        Mosaic, please contact us at Vhelp at mipgsun.mipg.upenn.edu.
        So start webbing right away and explore the new information (super)
        Krishna Iyer
        Medical Image Processing Group
        Department of Radiology
        University of Pennsylvania
        Vhelp at mipgsun.mipg.upenn.edu

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