Request: Info on Electro Anatomy

anonymous johnsonz at bechtel.Colorado.EDU
Wed Feb 9 20:17:51 EST 1994

I am a high school stundent if Boulder High School in Boulder Colorado. I 
am now a lab assistant for a Biology teacher named Mr. R. Carlson. HE is 
now going for a masters in Computer Science. He is fighting a lot of 
bureaucracy from peers. Riht now I am helping him in expanding his 
knowledge and expanding his computer software for biology. He and I both 
have heard of what is called hypermedia out of Stanford by Stephen 
Freeman. This person supposidly made a large hyper-text program that 
consisted mainly of David Basset's pictures done in the 40's. I think as 
most people put it they are using the logo "Disection With A Mouse." If 
anyone out there know of these picts or software could they please mail me.

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