Who distributes Molscript?

Andrew Raine arcr1 at mbuf.bio.cam.ac.uk
Tue Feb 8 05:37:54 EST 1994

In article <Neil.Clarke-070294100833 at>, Neil.Clarke at qmail.bs.jhu.edu (Neil Clarke) writes:
|> In article <CKurJJ.I2J at midge.bath.ac.uk>, bsspak at midge.bath.ac.uk (P A
|> Keller) wrote:
|> > Does anyone know who handles the distribution of Molscript now, and how to
|> > get in touch with them? I have sent an e-mail to postmaster at bmc.uu.se, asking
|> > for an e-mail address for Per Kraulis, but it has not been answered.
|> According to the documentation for Molscript that we have, Per Kraulis has
|> chosen not to give out his email address because it is unreliable.  As of
|> 1991 he listed his phone and FAX numbers in England as (respectively)
|> (0223) 333 596 and (0223) 333 345

Per no longer works here.  His new phone/FAX numbers are:

+46 8 608 9266 (phone)
+46 8 608 9290 (FAX)


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