xdatplot -- An X11 electrophysiology data viewer

Leon Avery leon at eatworms.swmed.edu
Tue Feb 1 18:14:39 EST 1994

I have written a program, xdatplot, for examining electrophysiological
data in the Xwindows environment.  It is available by anonymous FTP or
gopher from eatworms.swmed.edu.  A portion of the README file follows.

*	   xdatplot -- An X11 electrophysiology data viewer	       *

xdatplot allows viewing and of large sequential sampled datasets, such
as are generated by electrophysiological recording.  The data can be
filtered, printed on Postscript printers, or saved as MIF files that
can be imported into FrameMaker.  Some simple analysis (peak
detection, mainly) is built in.  What documentation there is is in
Help windows; it's not very complete.

*			       Warning:				       *

xdatplot 0.1 is a very alpha release.  It has been used for several
months on a Sun SPARCStation 2 running SunOS 4.1.3 in my lab, and we
haven't discovered any new bugs for a couple months.  But it hasn't
been tried on any other hardware or operating system (not even another
Unix flavor).  Anyway, as soon as new people use a program for new
purposes, bugs come crawling out of the woodwork.  So expect trouble.

Please let me know if you install xdatplot or try to, whether or not
you have any problems.  At this early stage I'd like to keep track of
all experience.

Also, please let me know of any ideas for making xdatplot more useful.
If it's easy, I'll do it.  If it's hard, I'll tell you how I think you
should do it.  Even if you don't want to write programs, let me know;
it may be easier than you think.  (Maybe even so easy that I'll do it

Leon Avery
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