PROSA II - PROtein Structure Analysis available

Maria Ortner ortnerm at wst.edvz.sbg.ac.at
Mon Feb 7 14:04:52 EST 1994

            PROSA II - PROtein Structure Analysis

             Version 2.0 for SGI Iris/Indigo
                   Here is Prosa II.

Prosa II is a powerful tool in protein structure research.
Prosa II supports and guides your studies aimed at the determination of
a protein's native fold. It is helpful for experimental structure
determinations and you will find it indispensable in modeling studies. 

Suppose you are confronted with the three-dimensional structure of a
protein. The structure may have been determined by X-ray analysis or
NMR-spectroscopy, it may be the result of modeling studies or it could be
a nice looking structure deliberately misfolded to fool
specialists in protein structure theory. Obvious questions are:

                Is the structure correct? 
                  Are there faulty parts?

       Prosa II helps you to answer these questions.

Prosa II assists you in protein structure quality control. It calculates
a score for your input-structure. Scores of native protein folds are in
a characteristic range. If your score is outside this range then
your structure may have problems.

Prosa II's energy graphs provide diagnostic tools to spot problematic sections
in your structure. Energy graphs display the energetic architecture of protein 
folds as a function of amino acid sequence position. High energies correspond
to stressed or strained sections of the chain and may point to problematic
parts of a fold. As long as scores and energy graphs are non native like
chances are that the structure can be improved.

Prosa II is applicable to a particular range of problems.
Consult the manual and references on the interpretation of results, on the
range of applicability and further details

Prosa II's staff is not responsible for your applications. There is no warranty
for the consequences of your actions. Proper usage is at your hands
and you are responsible for your results and their proper interpretation.

  Prosa II runs on Silicon Graphics Workstations with IRIX 4.0.5 or higher.

  You can get the demo version of Prosa II by anonymous ftp from 

		Gundi.came.sbg.ac.at (

You can use this version of Prosa II until March 27, 1994. After this date
Prosa II will refuse to start - unless you reset the date on your computer
- or you crack the programm. We do not recommend any of these or related

Commercialized versions of Prosa II and its successors will be available
in the near future. For further details please contact M.J.Sippl at e-mail
                      sippl at agnes.came.sbg.ac.at
or if this fails
                      sippl at dsb835.edvz.sbg.ac.at
(the former address is preferred).

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