Using SIMLIFE for intro biology?

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>> Has anyone used SIMLIFE for exercises in introductory or upper level college
>> biology classes? I've not seen the program, and would like to know whether
>> it is amenable for use in a classroom or is more like an arcade game.
>My problem with SimLife (and also SimEarth) is that the model relationships
>assumptions are hidden and frequently wrong.
[various stuff deleted]

I personally have not used these programs but my SO is using a program
called "HypoLife" at the University of Maryland in her Cell Biology course.
I don't know if this product can be purchase or if it is a "in-house" program
but maybe this information could be helpful.

Quote from the SO, "HypoLife was a system where you could look at the
evolution of species.  And using scientific method analyze the rules
governing evolution"

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