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Brian T. Greuel greuelb1 at jaguar.uofs.edu
Thu Feb 3 06:30:47 EST 1994

In a recent article Gordon Munro writes:
> I used to use a Mac and the reference database program ENDNOTE Plus 
> which was a great little program.   Now I have moved to a new lab and 
> there isn't a Mac in sight - everything is done on PC.   So,  without 
> getting into the Mac vs PC debate,  is there a similar program to 
> ENDNOTE Plus which is designed for PC? 

Gordon, I think ENDNOTE or ENDNOTE Plus is also available for the PC.  I, 
too, use it for the Mac and swear by it.  A collegue of mine mentioned 
recently something about ENDNOTE for PCs.

There is a Usenet newsgroup devoted to ENDNOTE entitled:  
bit.listserv.endnote.  A representative of Niles & Assoc. (the software 
manufacturer) regularly responds to questions posted in this news group.  You 
should be able to get a quick response to an inquiry there.

Disclaimer:  I have no association whatsoever with Niles & Assoc.,the 
manufacturer of ENDNOTE.

Brian Greuel
Dept. of Biology
University of Scranton

greuelb1 at jaguar.uofs.edu

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