Subcontracting Sequence Analysis

Harry Menegay hxm8 at po.cwru.edu
Wed Feb 2 14:57:45 EST 1994

Hi all,

     I've just had a request to try and find an independent company that does 
sequence analysis... Analyzing a given sequence to determine consensus sites 
present, homology to other known genes.  The person who asked wants to 
basically farm this out to some impartial party.  I don't know why the just 
don't do it themselves, but they apparently don't want to.

Therefore,  Has anyone out there heard of a company which will do this 
analysis for you if you give them your novel sequence?

Please Respond via e-mail.  Thank you very much.

Harry Menegay
Case Western Reserve University
Dept. of Neuroscience
Cleveland Ohio

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