new version of GEPASI (2.08c) uploaded

Pedro Mendes prm at aber.ac.uk
Wed Feb 2 09:45:56 EST 1994

I have uploaded the most recent version of my simulation package
GEPASI (2.08c) to the BTK-MCA archive: bmsdarwin.brookes.ac.uk
[]. It is in the directory /pub/software/ibmpc/gepasi
and can be downloaded via anonymous FTP. This is just a maintenance 
release, no new features have been added. Below is a short description
of the program. Note that the CICA, SIMTEL and EMBL archives have an
older version (2.08a).

Description:	GEPASI is a package for the simulation and modelling of 
                biochemical pathways and chemical reactions. It allows
                users to build models of pathways and simulate their
                dynamics and steady state properties. GEPASI calculates
                the coefficients of Metabolic Control Analysis for
                steady states. It also provides an easy way of studying
                the effects of several parameters on the properties of
                model pathways. Complete source code is provided in a
                separate file. (gsrc208c.zip, in the same directory)

Bibliography:   Mendes, P. (1993), GEPASI: a software package for
                modelling the dynamics, steady states and control of
                biochemical and other systems. Comput.Appl.Biosci. 9,

Platforms:	MS-Windows 3 on IBMPC compatibles (386 or above). The
                simulation engine can be compiled on other platforms
                (eg. UNIX). The program should run under Windows-NT
                (not tested yet).

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