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Bennett Dyke bdyke at darwin.sfbr.org
Wed Feb 2 00:53:53 EST 1994


This is a somewhat computer techno-nerdly question, but I need=20
information that I think can only come from from e-mail users,=20
rather than systems people:

A significant proportion of our outgoing mail is rejected (timed out)=20
by recipient hosts on an apparently random basis -- for example, I=20
cannot get e-mail through to Oxford University, Penn State, or=20
UCLA.  Other destinations, such as Boston U. , Jackson Lab., SUNY=20
Albany, and various university locations in Texas (except Rice=20
University) seem OK.  The reason I bring this up on the net is that=20
our problems started after we switched our servers over to Sun's=20
Solaris 2.3. The actual mailer used (Pine, mailx, mush) does not=20
seem to be a factor. We've brought the problem to Sun=D5s attention,=20
and they claim that their software engineers are working on it,=20
although a couple of weeks have passed without a resolution. =20
Apparently we are not the only ones affected, although it's hard=20
to tell -- hence this query. =20

Has anyone been having difficulty in SENDING (as opposed to=20
receiving) mail?  Symptoms are

    Returns with the diagnostic 'Cannot send mail after <time>',=20
    where <time> is a variable number of days or hours set in the
    program 'sendmail' by your systems operator.

    Frantic messages from your correspondents asking that you=20
    please stop sending multiple copies of the same message -- when=20
    you in fact sent only one.

I would appreciate hearing from anybody with this problem so that I
can pass the information on to Sun. =20


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