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zhilkin at zeno.ibd.nrc.ca zhilkin at zeno.ibd.nrc.ca
Tue Feb 1 13:04:51 EST 1994

   I have uploaded a program ProAnal for the analysis of relationship between
structure and  activity  in  a family  of  evolutionary related  (or/and
artificially mutated) proteins/peptides.

   The program uses aligned amino acid sequences together with data on their
activity (pK,  Km,  ED50 or any other) and searches for the correlation
between  the activity and various physical-chemical characteristics of the
regions in the primary structure.  In automatic mode the program generates
and verifies the hypotheses on the location of the sequential modulating
region in the protein and key characteristics of this region.  In the manual
mode users can generate and analyze their own hypotheses.  In addition,
the program looks for protein conservative domains (functional sites) and
variable regions (sites for  engineering).

   This program is the enhanced version of the program described in

   Eroshkin A.M., Zhilkin P.A., Fomin V.I.  Algorithm   and computer
program  Pro_Anal  for  analysis  of relationship between structure and
activity in  a  family of proteins or peptides.  CABIOS, 1993, v.9, n.5,

   The program is implemented for IBM PC or compatible computers. Unfortunately
it is impossible to recompile this program to use it on the other types of
computers because of usage of some peculiarities of IBM PC hardware in the code.

   The program is now available from the EMBL servers:

1) by anonymous ftp from FTP.EMBL-Heidelberg.DE

2) by electronic mail from NetServ at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE
   (get dos_software:proanal.uaa)

   Also the program is available from anonymous ftp ftp.bio.indiana.edu
   (/Incoming/proanal.zip). Please use a binary mode to download.

Authors :

Eroshkin  Alexey                  Eroshkin at vector.nsk.su
Research Institute  of            Tel.+7-(3832)-64-77-74
Molecular  Biology,               Fax:+7-(3832)-32-88-31
NPO "Vector", Koltsovo,           Telex 133196 NPOSU
Novosibirsk region, 633159,

Peter Zhilkin                     zhilkin at zeno.ibd.nrc.ca
IBD NRC                           Tel: +1-204-984-4540
435 Ellice Ave. Winnipeg          Fax: +1-204-984-5472
Manitoba R3B 1Y6 Canada

 :-)   Peter Zhilkin (zhilkin at zeno.ibd.nrc.ca)
Tel:   +1-204-984-4540
Fax:   +1-204-984-5472

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