? program to simulate spread of transposon in a population?

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> I am a graduate student studying a bacterial transposable element, Tn7.

> Are there computer programs that can simulate my transposition experiment?

> I've heard of the "game of life" program; could it work? 

30 December 1994

It seems to me that a game-of-life type of simulation isn¹t really called
for here unless you are thinking of very complex models with some kind of
spatial structure. 

Otherwise, if you think of the E. coli culture as just a panmictic
population, then I suspect that a simple recursion equation or two can
fully describe most reasonable models. In that case, all you would need to
do the computations would be (at worst) a spreadsheet program. At best,
the equations could be solved analytically and no computer would be needed
at all.

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