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Dan S. Prestridge danp at POGO.CBS.UMN.EDU
Thu Dec 29 13:06:17 EST 1994


PROMOTER SCAN is designed to find putative eukaryotic Pol II promoter
sequences in primary DNA sequence data. This program is experimental in
nature, and should be used as an experimental tool.  PROMOTER SCAN is
best used to locate regions in primary DNA sequence that might be good
candidate regions to further test for promoter functionality. At this
time, based upon test promoter and non-promoter sequence sets, the
program recognizes approximately 70% of all EPD primate promoter
sequences, with a false positive rate of about one in every 5600

PROMOTER SCAN Version 1.00 is now available.  The program comes in two
formats: executable files for IBM compatible machines, and source code
for UNIX machines.  Both are available by anonymous ftp. If you are
interested in getting a copy of the program, send E-mail to
danp at pogo.cbs.umn.edu for instructions.

Please refer to:

Prestridge, D.S. (1994). Predicting Pol II Promoter Sequences Using
Transcription Factor Binding Sites. (Submitted).

If you have any additional questions, please let me know.

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