TISSERANT Marc tisserant at bobby.iaf.cnrs-gif.fr
Wed Dec 28 11:41:35 EST 1994

	I would like to get a list of DATABASES which stored the produced 
results of the studies about the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM.

	In fact, the study of the Central Nervous System have in practice a
double level of complexity : 	
	- The fist one is about the great diversity of data which compose the
system studied. Indeed, the complexity of the Nervous System requires the
contributions of several sciences such as Physiology, Biophysic, Pharmacology,
Psychopharmacology,Neurology,Chemistry,Software Engineering,Neurosciences,... 	
	- The second complexity is about the quantity of data collected.

	Moreover, the data are not available thanks to a single format (there
are the paper support, databases,...). 
	Then, the access to data are also variousness (such as ftp,telnet,...)!

	According to me, it would be interesting to create a mean to get
information about the Central Nervous System as lightly as possible. 

	Of course, Todays, databases exist. Nevertheless, theses latter are
often bibliographic and require a second "compile". It would be interesting

	But such work has been probably already done (at least partially).
Could anybody give me some pointers to such available databases (including
commercial ones) ?

	A LOT OF DOMAINS ARE REPRESENTED in this research (such as the anatomy,
receptors,neurons,morphological,physiological, peptides, proteins, genes, ...)

	So, I would very pleased if anybody can tell me, where I can find some
useful information concerning my investigation. 

	If anyone is interested in my findings, I will be happy to share
my own summary.

	Sincerely, Thanks to you all for your contribution.  

TISSERANT Marc	                                tisserant at iaf.cnrs-gif.fr
C.N.R.S.  Institut Alfred Fessard                        
91198 GIF / FRANCE             

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