promoter database

MURATA Takuya t-murata at bs.aist-nara.ac.jp
Tue Dec 27 07:59:34 EST 1994

I'm now trying to search for the target sequence of a transcription factor.
I'd like to have a serching tool to satisfy following two points.

1)  tissue
I want to search by the name of tissue where both my transcription factor
and putative 
target genes are expressed.

2) sequence
In addition to #1, if possible, I want to search by target sequence.
Because the target 
seqence of my factor is each 4-base-pair-long  recognition sequence,
separated by 6-base-pair 
spacer, the tool is expected to permit  "N".

I'd like to have these tools for EPD (eucaryotic promoter database) which
lacks seaching tools.

If any database and tools exist, let me know about  it,  please.

Takuya MURATA  t-murata at bs.aist-nara.ac.jp
NAIST  Dept. of bioscience,Lab of Molecular Development

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