ABI373-like Software

Uwe Rossbach 22473mgr at msu.edu
Mon Dec 26 12:08:18 EST 1994

In article <3d736v$r5n at network.ucsd.edu>, Andrew Dizon <adizon at ucsd.edu> says:
>Sorry to ask about the possibly already asked but....
>I understand that there is software out there somewhere that
>essentially does the job that ABI's excessively expensive
>SeqEd and now Sequence Navigator does.  This public domain software
>gives you the same direct access to the ABI 373A data for further
>analyses.  For us, this is mainly alignment and sequence 
>Any pointers to this software would be appreciated. (If it indeed
>exists.) We are one of the group users of a 373, but unfortunately
>this doesn't give us any access to analysis software short of the
>single sequence editor that comes with it.  Sequence Navigator 
>costs $4500, and this is the single user price.  We need something
>affordable that we can legally clone for the many users of the 
Try the network copy from Sequencer. But its $1300 per workstation key.Uwe

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