Low prices on new, popular software

Khurram Ahmed Macs at ix.netcom.com
Sat Dec 24 05:26:05 EST 1994

For Sale:  Many new, unregistered, popular software. Read further for a 
list. Includes such manufacturers as Microsoft and Aldus. Latest 
versions as well. All are for half price of retail or less. If you are 
interested, please E-Mail me at Macs at ix.netcom.com. Also, I can provide 
competitively low prices on other software.  These software are 
available on the Mac, PC, or Power Mac.  Please see list below for any 
software that may interest you.

MS Office Pro V4.3		$275
MS Office V4.2 Mac		$225
Adobe Illustrator V5.5		$250
Adobe Photoshop V3.0		$350
Aldus Freehand V4.0		$200
Aldus Pagemaker V5.0		$225
Claris Draw			$125
Claris Works V3.0		$50
Filemaker Pro V2.1		$90
Lotus Smartsuite V2.1		$200
MS Arcade			$15
MS Baseball			$30
MS Beethoven V1.1		$40
MS Bookshelf			$50
MS Cinemania V1995		$30
MS Dinosaurs			$20
MS Encarta 1995			$65
MS Flight Simulator		$25
MS Musical Instruments		$25
MS Natural Keyboard		$65
MS Publisher			$50
MS Access V2.0			$150
MS Word V6.0			$150
MS PowerPoint			$150
MS Excel V5.0			$150
MS Art Gallery			$30
MS Foxpro V 2.6			$75
MS Testing Tools V3.0		$300
MS Truetype font packs		$20
Harvard Graphics		$175

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