Animal management database

Tom Thatcher ttha at uhura.cc.rochester.edu
Thu Dec 22 23:01:43 EST 1994

Here by request is some information on programs for tracking lab animals,
such as mice...

Both are by Dr. Lee Silver
            Dept. of Molecular Biology
            Lewis Thomas Laboratory
            Princeton University
            Princeton, NJ 08544-1014

            lsilver at molbiol.princeton.edu

For DOS there is AMAN (Animal House Manager).  It has a command-line
interface and works on any PC, including Macs running SoftWindows or
SoftPC.  Once you get used to its little quirks, its a pretty good 
program.  One problem is that the printouts are totally inflexible--
I save to disk then fix them in a word processor.  Overall, not bad 
at $69 for a single machine license.

For Macs (and brand new) there is MacMice.  It was built using a Mac
database building program, so it should be fully mac-like, including
flexible printouts, point-and-click, pop-up menus of frequently used
entries, etc.  However, the cost of the program is $190 since it
includes the database program it's coded in (If you already own the
database program--4D First--MacMice is only $89.  I've never used it

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