Request for an old/outdated notebook computer

Michael Vagell Vagell at MSVAX.MSSM.EDU
Wed Dec 21 10:40:11 EST 1994

    I realize that it is strange to ask strangers for a computer, but I
am wondering if anyone has an old/outdated notebook computer that they
would be interested in donating to an academic laboratory.  I am a
graduate student at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York working
to understand the role of testosterone on mammalian behavior.  I am
looking for an old notebook computer (i.e. slow Intel-8086,
Intel-80286, or Motorola 68000 processor; no hard drive needed; >128K
RAM; and battery not needed) that are useless running modern software. 

     I intend to use it as a glorified timer to record behavioral
events during my experiments.  I have been using an old IBM PC
convertable, but its LCD screen is impossible to read in dim light. 
Ideally, I am looking for a notebook with a screen that can be read in
the dark.  If you have a notebook computer that is sitting on a shelf,
and could use the tax write off for a donation to an academic
institution, please drop me a line.

Vagell at msvax.mssm.edu  

Michael Vagell
Box 1007, Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
New York, N.Y.

Tel (212)241-7695  Fax(212)860-1174

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