Inverting characters in multiple alignment

Keith Robison robison at nucleus.harvard.edu
Wed Dec 21 11:03:36 EST 1994

Preston Garrison (garrisonp at UTHSCSA.EDU) wrote:
: I'm annotating a multiple alignment for publication, and I would like 
: to invert some characters (picked by me, not by an algorithm in an alignment
: program) to white on black, as is commonly done. Does anybody know of a Mac 
: program that can do this and print it to a Laserwriter? I have tried it in 
: Canvas 3.05, but it will only do it for an entire text object, not for 
: individual characters. (I assume this can be done in GCG, but I have been 
: avoiding having to learn to speak VAX.)

If you have $$$ to shell out, MegAlign from DNA*STAR is very popular in
my department.  I haven't used it myself, but it does appear to have
a broad range of alignment markups.

Another route would be to pay some teenage Mac-er to redo a monospace
font in inverse video -- probably pretty cheap (you could do it yourself,
but I suspect its tedious enough to want to get someone else to do it)
and also reusable.

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