Dave Curtis' genetics programs list

David Curtis dcurtis at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Wed Dec 21 06:45:38 EST 1994

Here's an updated list of my programs available at 
ftp.gene.ucl.ac.uk, with thanks to John Attwood for supporting 
this site. The main upgrade is that DOLINK is now available in 
GUI form with C++ source code, enabling it to be compiled on X 
platforms as well as running under DOS or Windows. This makes 
use of Julian Smart's free wxWindows library, and I gather that 
it may also be possible to target Macs. There is now also a 
simple database program to accompany DOLINK called QDB, and this 
can also be compiled for X.


Generally up-to-date versions of the programs listed will be 
available by anonymous ftp from a local site, kindly supported 
by John Attwood. This is ftp.gene.ucl.ac.uk (, 
and my programs will be kept in /pub/packages/dcurtis. Also 
accessible via WWW as http://diamond.gene.ucl.ac.uk/. If you have 
a problem with any of the programs, then try looking here first to see 
if a new version has come out which fixes your problem. 

Some of the programs are also available at a bigger site, by 
anonymous ftp from ftp.bchs.uh.edu, either now or in the near 
future. Look in the directory /pub/gene-server/dos. They may 
also be available from ftp.embl-heidelberg.de 
(/pub/software/dos), ftp.bio.indiana.edu and other mirror sites. 
If you do not have access to ftp then you may be able to obtain 
them by email from gene-server at bchs.uh.edu (send mail with 
subject: SEND DOS HELP) or from netserv at embl-heidelberg.de. 
Because we are unsure of how much demand for this service there 
would be, not all the packages have been uuencoded to prepare 
them for emailing out, but if you write to the archive 
maintainer Dan Davison (dbd at bchs.uh.edu) then he may be able to 
do this for you. 

If all else fails the packages can be obtained by post from me 
on receipt of an appropriate number of 5.25 or 3 inch floppy 
disks. Please make sure you format them first! 

Dave Curtis

dcurtis at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk

Institute of Psychiatry, De Crespigny Park, London SE5 
8AF, England. (71) 919 3536

Note that figures in filenames are version numbers. Hopefully 
these may get upgraded, so go for the highest.

pedraw16.zip     - PEDRAW, DOS pedigree-drawing program (370K)

pedhelp.zip      - pop-up help for PEDRAW (47K)
(or pedhlp14.zip)

fstmap11.zip     - FASTMAP, produces quick approximation to 
(was fastmap.zip)  multipoint lod score, available as DOS 
                   executable and C source (140K)

dolink2c.zip     - new DOS and Windows versions of 
                   DOLINK, program to help manage genetic 
                   data and set up analyses, available 
                   with C++ source allowing compilation 
                   on Unix host running X and possibly 
                   Apple Macintosh (1039K)

qdb16c.zip       - database program available as DOS and 
                   Windows versions and with C++ source 
                   allowing compilation for X and 
                   possibly Apple Macintosh (426K)

easistat.zip     - EASISTAT, DOS statistics package, contains 
(or estat21.zip)   EASIGRAF which draws graphs of lod scores 
                   and output from FASTMAP (430K) 

first11.zip      - FIRSTORD, demonstration of method for 
                   preliminary ordering of loci based on two-
                   point lod scores, available as DOS 
                   executable and C source (220K)

erpa12.zip       - ERPA, program for carrying out 
                   nonparametric linkage analysis, available 
                   as DOS executable and C source (39K)

clump.zip        - Monte Carlo method for assessing 
                   significance of a case-control 
                   asociation study with a multi-allelic 
                   marker, available as DOS executable 
                   and C source (28K) 

pedsrc.zip       - incomplete and undocumented source for 
                   some of PEDRAW (not recommended but 
                   there if anyone really wants it) (218K)

Available soon:

multtdt.zip      - program to carry out TDT test based on 
                   logistic regression for use with 
                   multiallelic markers, available only 
                   as DOS executable

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