Looking for image analysis software

Pedro J. Aphalo pedro.aphalo at metla.fi
Tue Dec 20 02:45:23 EST 1994

Hi! I need some help. I am searching for image analysis software to 
analyse pictures of plant roots.

Image files would come either from a flatbed scanner or from photographs 
transferred to Photo-CD. The software should run on a PC (486/Pentium) 
under at least one of Windows, Windows NT, O/S 2, or Linux. A cheap 
(<1000 u$s) or free solution would be preferred. I need to measure:

(1) total length, and length in different diameter classes.
(2) total number of tips.
(3) total number of branches, and number of branches in roots of 
different diameter classes.

it could be useful to also get:
(4) total surface area.
(5) lenght of roots with dark or light colour.

I have seen brochures for two specialised programs (WinRHIZO, 
DeltaT-SCAN) and a general purpose program (Mocha).

Any experience with these programs? Any alternatives? (I have some 
programming experience...)

Thanks in advance for your help. :-)


P.s.: Oops! I will be away for a couple of weeks, so if you answer to the 
newsgroup please e-mail me a copy.

 Pedro J. Aphalo
 FIN-77600 Suonenjoki, FINLAND
 Internet: pedro.aphalo at metla.fi
 fax: +358 79 513 068, tel: +358 79 513 811              ,,,^..^,,,

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