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> Y. W. Chen (ywchen at laue.biochem.ubc.ca) wrote:
> Dear all,
> There are a whole gallery of biologically-related superb graphic images
> (eg. from structural works) scattered in various labs.  Anyone vote for
> forming a new usenet news group collecting these pictures ?  I am
> interested but I haven't got storage disk space and the expertise to
> run the newsgroup.  Furthermore, I think a discussion group on how to
> generate these pictures will be helpful for communicating ideas as well.
> Yu Wai CHEN

Well I looked at the NIH site, has plenty of pointers to Crystal structures
but lacks most things besides proteins (cells,membranes,oraganelles,etc).
and I also agree that it sould not be done via listservers or usenet news.
However, I did manage to find other sites that seem to have a similar idea.

I would find these images very helpful also, since it his helpful to write
WWW/Virtual courses that have images and even animations (like cell division).

I have a list of all of the biology (and other) courses I have found:

The place to look would be (the page and their stated goal:
	Science and Mathematics Education Resources 

The goal of this page is to serve as an atlas of all the downloadable
resources for good science and mathematics instruction and learning.
It will also be a place where teachers can find materials to make the
job of teaching easier and students can find materials to simplify learning.
There will be pointers for teachers/learners of all ages. Your comments
(good or bad) are most welcome! This page has grown so much that it has
been be broken up by subject area to minimize the download time for the

For Biology:
	Biological Sciences Educational Resources

I would like to see more of a effort.  I am working on a Cell Biology course
and I will make my images available (for non-profit use).  I have been told
by others I could not use their images due to Copyright reasons and deals
they had with the publisher (so you may want to be a little careful).


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