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> Has anybody used MacPlasmap or know of another commercial
> or freeware/shareware product that can draw plasmid maps?
> I'd like to know the pros/cons of that program and whether
> or not there is another package that might do the same
> thing.
> TIA,
> Elya.

There are two commercial packages that specialize in generating plasmid 
maps and drawing.  One is Gene Construction Kit from TextCo Inc.  It 
is a complex package that supports the logic of plasmid construction
as well as the drawing.  It lists for about $995.

A simpler program is Plasmid ARTIST sold by Clontech Labs. Inc in 
Palo Alto.  It is a MacDraw-like drawing program that is tuned for
giving very high quality printouts from Postscript LaserWriters.
It lists for $445.

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