Software for colony recognition and counting?

Joel Huberman camhuber at ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
Thu Dec 15 19:39:54 EST 1994

        I am a molecular biologist at a cancer research institute.  I wonder if
any of the readers of this newsgroup are aware of a program for Macintosh or
IBM-compatible computers that would help me to solve the following problem.
In my laboratory we generate large numbers of Petri plates containing yeast or
bacterial colonies of various sizes.  Frequently these colonies touch each
other.  The colony boundaries can easily be recognized by eye, but I'm not
aware of any computer software that can reliably distinguish touching colonies
in images of the Petri plates, especially when the colonies have different
sizes.  If such software were available, it would save us a great deal of work
in manually counting and sizing the colonies. If you have any clues as to how
to solve this problem, please send e-mail to the address below, if possible,
rather than REPLYing to this posting, because that way I'll see your response
more quickly.  Thanks very much.

Joel A. Huberman             Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Research Professor           Buffalo, NY  14263
huberman at acsu.buffalo.edu

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