SeqApp and ClustalW

Niklas Wikstrom wikstrom at botan.su.se
Fri Dec 16 05:38:59 EST 1994

I'm trying to run ClustalW under the SeqApp program written by Don Gilbert
on a Macintosh. Could someone tell me how I get ClustalW to read a command
file. Don writes that the program takes the commands from a file called
clustal.commands in the same folder as the application but I assume this
only refers to the PC version. When I create a command file with
parameters expressed as said in the Clustal manual and try to use this
file as input instead of using the console the program fails to read it.
Obviously I am doing something wrong and I would very much appreciate if
someone could help me with this.

Thanks in advance

Niklas Wikstrom
Dept. of Botany
Stockholm University
e-mail: wikstrom at botan.su.se

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