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Stephan Spencer sspencer at rhino.bocklabs.wisc.edu
Fri Dec 16 10:28:51 EST 1994

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> It *would* be nice if there were a definitive Biology Images Web page, 
> especially one that had some way to search for images by content, something 
> like "list all images of Drosophila wings."

I agree. I'm surprised one is not already available, but if not, I will
provide such a Web page on our (Institute for Molecular Virology) server
(http://www.bocklabs.wisc.edu). I need people to help, however, in the form
of emailing me links to sites that they know of.  I can't do the research
part, as I am writing my Master's thesis and looking for a job (in
Australia or New Zealand, by the way, so if you know of any
biocomputing/molecular visualization jobs "down under" please email me!).

Our server is an excellent example of what's available in the area of
biology images. We offer animations, interactive models, and
high-resolution color-coded images of virus structures solved either by
X-ray crystallography or by cryo-electron microscopy and image
reconstruction. Many of these images/animations are *exclusively* available
on our server. The URL (address of our server) is
"http://www.bocklabs.wisc.edu". You need access to the World Wide Web to
view these visualizations (more info on the World Wide Web is available in
the bionet.software.www group, if you are unfamiliar with this Internet


Stephan Spencer
Institute for Molecular Virology
University of Wisconsin-Madison
sspencer at rhino.bocklabs.wisc.edu

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