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Akira Kihara akihara at FUJIMI.HOSEI.AC.JP
Thu Dec 15 23:27:56 EST 1994

At  3:45 PM 12/15/94 +0000, Jean-Paul cadoret wrote:
>hi netters
>We are looking for a statistical software.
>We know of statgraphics but if I am right, it costs around 2000 $ !
>Is there anything acceptable and cheaper.

How about SchoolStat for Macintosh?

It is avairable somewhere at the mirror site of umich.

      551     11/22/94   BinHex4.0,StuffIt3.07
-SchoolStat ReadMe File-

Welcome to SchoolStat 2!

This is a shareware program containing interactive statistical software.
Thanks to all the users of earlier versions who have faithfully tested and
suggested, leading to this new and improved version containing ANOVA and
other goodies for the first time! This version (2.0.4) corrects many
initial version 2.0 bugs and hopefully is stable on all Macs running system
6.0.5 and 7. Please try it, and tell me if it doesn't work!

SchoolStat is designed primarily for schools (hence the name!), especially
teachers who wish to show how probability distributions can be brought
alive with Macintosh graphics. It goes much further though, and has a
spreadsheet, sorting, arithmetic and mathematical transformations
(including N scores), statistical tests including descriptive statistics,
confidence intervals, paired and independent comparisons and introductory
ANOVA (parametric and non-parametric), correlations, linear regression,
contingency tables, and more. It has a graphing facility for scatterplots,
histograms, boxplots, stem and leaf diagrams, and pie charts. A log window
keeps tally of your analyses. It accepts 30 columns by 1000 data points in
each and will perform any of the functions on your own data. It includes
both static probability tables (eg normal, inverse normal, t- and
F-distribution, chi-square distribution, and others) and active tables
which will plot the distributions and fill in the specified (by the user)
probabilities as visible areas under the actual curve. These are in real
time and have to be seen to be believed! In addition, you can create
simulated distributions (saves typing in data for examples!), and perform
odds ratio relative risk and sensitivity/specificity computations. A fully
interactive help system is available (modeless windows) at all times
accessed from the Apple menu (Command-/).

I have failed in my attempts to get this published formally (but I still
dont know why, since everyone has "liked" it so far!), and so offer it for
shareware in the hope that it will be useful to schools, first and second
year colleges in statistical instruction. Please feel free to offer me
suggestions, via my email, and if you like and use it, please send me the
shareware fee of $25 (plus shipping and handling). If there is continuing
interest, my next plans were for multiple regression, further ANOVAs and
include a more flexible spreadsheet (allowing categorical and ordinal
data), but I will hone it into any shape suggested.

SchoolStat should be considered a competitor for MiniTab or StatView
Student but with the friendly Mac interface and without the price tag.

      It is compatible with Macintoshes with system 6.05 and above,
including system 7, and will run on any screen depth, though to get flicker
free drawing in the Active Tables, you must have Color QuickDraw installed
in your system folder. It runs on Mac Pluses & SEs to PowerBooks, LC IIIs
and Quadras. But note! It is large in disc space (approx 987K) and needs
860K of RAM at present. This makes it suitable for machines with 2MB RAM at
minimum, though it will run in 1MB RAM with a modified system lacking bells
and whistles. It should also run on a network (but I have not yet had one
on which to test it).

If you like this and use it, then I ask you to be honest, and to send
suggestions and the shareware fee ($25) and a self-addressed disc mailer
and one disc to:

David Darby, WhiteAnt Occasional Publishing
80 Roden St, West Melbourne, 3003, Victoria, Australia, phone (613)
329-9981 (email can be through ddarby at bih.harvard.edu till at least 1996).

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