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Thu Dec 15 12:30:00 EST 1994

In article <3cl0gt$alv at nntp.ucs.ubc.ca>, ywchen at laue.biochem.ubc.ca (Y. W. Chen) writes...
>There are a whole gallery of biologically-related superb graphic images

We don't really need to spray these all over the Internet, do we?  Seems 
like a major waste of bandwidth and disk space.

This isn't to say that biological images aren't valuable, just that a news
group dedicated to them should probably restrict itself to notices of image
availability, image content, and some technically related material.  If 
mixed in with that were a steady stream of images it would dilute the 
information content and probably get the newsgroup restricted to a very 
short disk life.

It *would* be nice if there were a definitive Biology Images Web page, 
especially one that had some way to search for images by content, something 
like "list all images of Drosophila wings."


David Mathog
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