****Program(S) for antigenic sites???????*******

Sebastian W. Bunka seb at i102pc1.vu-wien.ac.at
Thu Dec 15 09:38:46 EST 1994

Hirdeypal S. Bhathal (hsb at ucssun1.sdsu.edu) wrote:

: Hi Netters

: 		Is there any program avaible which can take amino acid seq. and
: give potential antigenic sites in protein. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I know of two (DOS) programs that can do that:
1. predict.exe
2. sqaid381.exe
both available from felix.embl-heidelberg.de:/pub/software/dos
Both estimate the antigenicity according to
* Welling et al. 1985, FEBS Lett. 188:215-218 *

predict draws nice graphics, but needs a plotter; seqaid is a great
DNA and protein analysis tool that draws the data as asteriscs, but
can save the raw data to a file, and you can easily use a plotting program
like gnuplot or xmgr (maybe some windows programs can handle these data,
Give it a try...

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