PowerPC (fwd)

Sonya Ballon aeldefra at umabnet.ab.umd.edu
Wed Dec 14 10:54:51 EST 1994

In article <Pine.3.85.9412091412.A27447-0100000 at fox.cce.usp.br>,
mdamarin at FOX.CCE.USP.BR (Mozart de Azevedo Marins) wrote:

> Hi there,
>           We currently use in our lab. PC computers, but we are 
> considering to buy a PowerPC which could run Mac and PC programs. Does 
> anybody who has it can tell me how really eficient the machine is for 
> running both softwares ?
>             Thanx...Mozart

Hi, I have a PowerPC.  I have the Power Macintosh 8100, 16MB and I love
it.  It runs both mac and pc programs with no problems at all.

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