NIH-image for Windows?

Akira Kihara akihara at FUJIMI.HOSEI.AC.JP
Wed Dec 14 03:45:19 EST 1994


>Does anynone know if there is a DOS or Windows version of NIH-image?
>If so, where can I get a copy?

It's a really frequent question on the network. I am sorry for DOS and
Windows users who can not get the advantage of NIH Image.

By the way, there are several imaging software at NCSA archiev
(ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu). However I have never tried DOS/Windows version, some
of them might be usuful for quantifying bio-images. In the case of editing,
several commercial software, like PhotoShop, can be a replacement of NIH

As far as I know, NCSA Image is a proto-type of SpyGlass Transform for
Macintosh. It has a quite similar interface as SpyGlass Transform.

Here is a index of NCSA archiev (ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu).

I hope you will find some what you can use for your research, then give us
your impression of that to help the next person who will post the same

Good luck !

Akira Kihara

Index of /afs/ncsa/common/doc/ftp/Visualization

09 Aug 1994        6 SGI
01 Aug 1994      dir Image
01 Aug 1994      dir PCShow
12 Jul 1994      dir Samples
11 Jul 1994      dir Collage
11 Jul 1994      dir CompositeTool
11 Jul 1994      dir Contour
11 Jul 1994      dir DataScope
11 Jul 1994      dir GelReader
11 Jul 1994      dir HCVis
11 Jul 1994      dir ImageTool
11 Jul 1994      dir Isovis
11 Jul 1994      dir Layout
11 Jul 1994      dir Mesher
11 Jul 1994      dir PalEdit
11 Jul 1994      dir Reformat
11 Jul 1994      dir UIFlow
11 Jul 1994      dir XDataSlice

Index of /afs/ncsa/common/doc/ftp/Visualization/Image

01 Aug 1994      dir DOS
01 Aug 1994      dir Mac
01 Aug 1994      dir Unix

Index of /afs/ncsa/common/doc/ftp/Visualization/Image/DOS

11 Jul 1994   142141 hdf.zip
11 Jul 1994   141459 image.zip

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