Mosaic with serial connection.

Tim Cutts tjrc1 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Wed Dec 14 03:30:19 EST 1994

doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch (Reinhard Doelz) writes:

>: Dear netters,
>: as a dialup client of an internet server, I can't figure out how to
>: make Mosaic or Netscape work for me. They told me I have to be 
>: connected directly trough a net to the server,otherwise Mosaic will 

>A dial-up connection will be a 'serial' connection, therefore, you 
>run the system as 'virtual terminal' user. The real effect is that your
>computer in Milano does nothing else than 'believing' it were a terminal, 
>without any intelligence other than the purpose of viewing and looking 
>at data. It does not matter whether you use public domain Mosaic or any 
>of the commercialized (and occasionally better performing) products, 
>as both do either speak WWW (i.e. your computer must use the WWW tongue, not 
>the serial line tongue) or X-windows (i.e. your computer must be able to 
>display a window generated remotely, in your case, in Bari). 

>Your option were primarily to run LYNX, which is a textmode browser. 
>Use this to query http://marketplace.com and read the article on the 
>(commercial product) TIA. 

>Option                  Protocol used          Client          Server 
>Mosaic, Others       | WWW on top of IP  |   PC/Mac      | any on the 
>                     |                   |  LOCAL C.     | internet 
>+--------------------+ MUST BE ON INTERNET---------------+-------------
>X-Windows            | X-Windoes on top  |  remote system| any on internet
>                     | of IP, must con-  |    \ -------WWW----->
>                     | nect first        |  remote system| your local PC 
>                     |                   |       \------------> 
>LYNX                 | serial; local to  | remote system | any on internet
>+--------------------| remote connection |               |
>TIA  (via telnet)    |                   |
>                     | client is local   |

This summary is perhaps a little misleading... you *can* run Mosaic
across your serial line, since you presumably already have your
machine set up for SLIP (Serial Line IP), so that you can telnet to
remote hosts via your internet access site.  IF this is the case, you
can run any other IP protocol just like an ethernetworked machine, and
that includes http, which is used by Web browsers.  Lynx (at least,
all versions I've used) requires an IP connection, so if you can run
Lynx, you can run Mosaic.  However, I warn you not to load images by
default.  I used to have a 9,600 baud serial link to the ethernet, and
loadnig images with Mosaic was painful.


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